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About us

We are a developer of automotive and survival themed simulation video games, which at the same time are travel-themed. Based in Warsaw, we will not only allow players from around the world to become drivers of various vehicles, but also to visit many faithfully reflected, exotic corners of this world. All thanks to modern development tools with the Unreal Engine at the forefront, digital distribution, experienced members of our production team, as well as unique business relationships.

Thanks to the cooperation of our Partner – Movie Games with Discovery Adventures, our game Alaskan Truck Simulator faithfully reflects the wild areas of North America.


The majority shareholder of Road Studio the NewConnect listed – Movie Games, which is also the global publisher of all titles coming from our studio. Together, we are actively acquiring partners for cooperation on subsequent games – one of them is Discovery, under whose license the Alaskan Truck Simulator has been developed

Alaskan Truck Simulator

a simulation of truck driver’s experience of a semi-truck trip through the wilderness of North America. Beautiful, yet dangerous regions of Alaska make up for the background of driver’s adventures. The driver must not only take care of his vehicle and the goods entrusted to him, but also of himself. The game offers survival mechanics and the ability to get out of the truck at any time, which distinguishes it from the rest of competition which focuses primarily on driving simulation alone. On the other hand, it is the popularity of competing titles and their multi-million sales that allows us to count on an above-average rate of return on investment in Alaskan Truck Simulator, as well as a devoted group of fans – not only of this production, but thanks to skillful cross-promotion of the rest of our “road games”.

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American Motorcycle Simulator

the second game from Road Studio, announced after Alaskan Truck Simulator, successfully targets similar audiences. It will provide them with a unique opportunity to travel thtough the iconic Route 66. Beautiful landscapes stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles and the roar of a motorcycle engine are the most important, but not the only features of the game – we also implement mechanics related to repairing and improving the motorcycle, survival elements, including an option of traversing the game world on foot, as well as a series of mini-games with poker at the forefront.

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Maciej Nowak

Chairman of the Board

Road Studio is headed by Maciej Nowak, who has been involved in the capital market for many years. As a stock market investor and manager, he is equipped with an immense experience in value-building , managing and developing companies, both private and public.

Mateusz Wcześniak

The chairman of the Supervisory Board

The chairman of the Supervisory Board is Mateusz Wcześniak, who is the CEO of the NewConnect listed – Movie Games, the publisher of our games. The long-term goal of Road Studio is also become a NewConnect listed company.


Road Studio’s long-term goal is also its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. At the moment, we have financing provided for our current operations and first projects, but it is also possible to issue a non-public issue of shares and, consequently, to expand the shareholding structure by new entities.

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